Total Happiness – A Promise of the Right Premise

Total Happiness – a Promise of the Right Premise

In this journey or voyage of our life, there have been a lot of questions pertaining to total happiness, and yet, many people are still waiting for the answer. Truly, the answer is available and achievable when we are wise to stand firmly on the right premise that provides a promise.

In our surrounding we hear questions such as: “are we waiting for happiness to happen?”, “do we think that happiness is the result of good fortunes or random chance?”, “do we have to pay money to get happiness?”, or “do we have to surmount enough power to achieve happiness?”, “is happiness dependent on external events?”, “are there ways to learn, or steps to be taken, in order to be happy?”, and more, that are similar.

Since the emergence of a simple technology in relations to parchment mass production, and then the progress from copious scriber to an advent of the printing press, we come into reading documents containing information by philosophers, thinkers, orators, and writers then, who have left their life on earth with an unsolved puzzle as evident in the following statements:

1) Happiness has been given by many a top priority in their life,

2) The value of other goals in life is measured to the extend whether these goals bring about happiness as a result,

3) The same activities which is said to be contributory, yet do not bring about equal happiness to the same people involved,

4) Happiness is elusive, difficult to attain, and remain a mind boggling riddle,

5) So just pretend that you are happy, or act as if you are happy,

6) There are so many people who are unhappy, and this add to the statistics of the nationwide unhappiness which is widespread throughout the global societies, and,

7) There is a need to learn how to obtain it, therefore, seek happiness.

Successive communicators from the point of “seek happiness”, up to the present moment begin to accept these statements and agree to continue reiterating that they also cannot understand what happiness is, and proceed to amplify through using various media to disseminate worldwide documented information in the perpetual struggle in the conquest of happiness.

Attempts have been made to even present a complicated circuitous path to wrestle in the hope of arresting this complex state of happiness. The conclusion remains a continuous predicament in pursuit of happiness.

Thus, it is evidently clear that along this lineage of information dissemination, these individuals have not discovered happiness.

In addition, they have not attained it fully as in total happiness, and they have been unable to share with others throughout each generation to the next generation. Indicative as proofs are their advice, urge or challenge using terms such as “seek”, “search”, “pursue”, “quest”, “conquest”, “looking for”, “find”, or similar.

For the purpose of illustration, please ponder the followings: Andy says, “I am searching for a book to read”, while Bobby says, “I benefit from reading this book”, and Cindy says, “I immediately apply the lessons I have learned after reading this book”.

See the difference? Similarly, seeking, pursuing, questing, conquest, or looking for, and other similar terms, is relaying a meaning of not obtaining total happiness as yet. While all these are going on and seemingly shall continue on and on, there is another lineage of information flow beginning with Adam, his children, and proceed to include his descendants right up to the present public communicators.

Especially, they are servants of the God, who are serving their only Lord, and in their perseverance proceed to observe and providing a sincere service by preserving information nearing the truth belonging to the Owner, in relations to total life, total success, and in particular total happiness.

The facts remain as follows:

1) Total Happiness is a gift from the God, to each and every individual since his or her birth on earth, as a birth right, which is to each equally enough, so much so no one has to take it from another, or share it with others.

2) Total happiness in reference here is authentic, real, true, genuine, original, natural, and wholesome.

3) There is no such a term as “unhappy”, or “unhappiness”. This is not and can never be the opposite of total happiness. The actual opposite of total happiness is happiness, or other detrimental emotions. These emotions that are detrimental include anger, annoyance, anxiety, boredom, irritation, rage, fury, resentment, sorrow, grief, frustration, disappointment, dissatisfaction, and what are similar.

4) Total Happiness is an option that is not dependent, yet independent from a subject or an individual; an object or a possession; or a context that includes a condition, a circumstance, an event, a happenstance, and a situation. So, first and foremost each of us shall be totally happy and being in total happiness, and then adding goals, while improving, or enhancing other aspects of life’s fulfillment to the full. Know the purpose, decide, and choose total happiness, first.

5) There is no other door to total happiness, and total happiness is the only door. Similarly there is no other way to total happiness, and total happiness is the only way. There is no other path to total happiness, and total happiness is the only path. There is no other route to total happiness, and total happiness is the only route. Evidently, the door is wide open, the way is direct, the path is clear, and the route is sure to obtain total happiness easily, instantly and immediately. Now and here, simply intent it, or will it, or just be, and you are.

6) Right now and right here, each individual is able to attain, obtain, contain, remain, retain, gain, maintain, and sustain total happiness, and be a totally happy individual at every moment throughout the remainder of his or her life in this world.

Therefore, based on these two lineage of information dissemination, each of us can realize, become aware, and remember consciously the possibilities of total happiness as a promise when we are on the right premise.

For example, if we accept this premise, and then follow a lineage of information dissemination based on the advice, “I cannot read, everyone here cannot read also, therefore no one can ever read, thus seek reading”, then the tendency is to support the authority by continuing the reiteration of “no one can read, and no one can ever read”.

Should you prefer, please consider the right premise, inherent in the lineage of information dissemination based on the facts that although there are those who cannot read, yet there are individuals who can read, and others have an equal chance to read, thus read.

Similarly, you have the opportunity to be totally happy, and a direct way of being in total happiness, thus be totally happy and being in total happiness. This is a promise of the right premise.




with loving intentions





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