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Why Not Take The Happiness Quiz And Discover The Real Meaning Of Happiness

Why not take the following short quiz to determine where in your life you could find more rewarding and lasting happiness. The one common denominator in every human is the desire for happiness. One of the most sought after traits is happiness. So, either you are happy most of the time with all aspects of your life or, you would like to be happier more often somewhere in your life. This quiz will help you self-discover; what happiness is for you, why you have it, why you are not happy, what it will take for you to be happy, or who or what you feel is responsible for your happiness. I recommend you make a copy of the quiz before you complete it. You might want to share it with a friend, relative or fellow employee. Please give me a call if you would like the answers to this quiz. See the end of this quiz for quiz answers. Remember it's also for fun. 1. Happiness is:________________________________________________________________ 2. Happiness is not:_____________________________________________________________ 3. Who is responsible for your happiness:___________________________________________ 4. Who is not responsible for your happiness:________________________________________ 5. It is possible to be happy all of the time. True/False. 6. Happiness is: inside-out - outside-in. 7. If you had more:___________________________________________ you could be happier. 8. When you:___________________________________________________you will be happy. 9. Stuff can make you happy. True/False. 10. Happiness is: more, bigger, better. True/False. 11. Most people are reasonably happy most of the time. True/False 12. You will be happy when:_____________________________________________________ 13. If you are successful, you will be happy. True/False. 14. If you have your health, you will be happy. True/False. 15. __________________________________________is getting in the way of your happiness. 16. Hanging on to old emotional baggage prevents happiness. True/False. 17. People who are happy smile a lot. True/False. 18. Living in the present moment is not important to be happy. True/False. 19. Happiness is easy to achieve. True/False. 20. One of the biggest things missing in people's lives who are not happy is: _____________________________________________________________________________ 21. Other people can make you unhappy: True/False. 22. Un-managed stress is a cause of unhappiness. True/False. 23. People who are happy have no regrets: True/False. 24. Happy people always want more of something: True/False. 25. Unhappy people are never satisfied with:_________________________________________ 26. Happy people see other's as teachers: True/False. 27. Unhappy people tend to see themselves as:_______________________________________ 28. One of the most important things to do to find lasting happiness is: _____________________________________________________________________________ 29. Most people take themselves too seriously: True/False. 30. Happy people have just as many problems as unhappy people: True/False. 31. The power of choice contributes to a person's happiness because: _____________________________________________________________________________ 32. Happy people lead with their head and let their heart follow: True/False. 33. Unhappy people would rather be right than happy: True/False. 34. Accepting differences in others is not important to your happiness: True/False. 35. Happy people are always doing, going, learning: True/False. 36. A lack of patience is a sign of:_________________________________________________ 37. Happy people have more fun in life than unhappy people: True/False. 38. Unhappy people believe that other people need to be fixed in some way: True/False. 39. Happy people are interested in others and listen to them: True/False. 40. Something is always missing in the: happy person - unhappy person. 41. Unhappy people tend to:______________________ in life. 42. Happy people are always:_____________________________________________________ 43. Unhappy people never:_______________________________________________________ 44. Self-disclosure is a trait of:_____________________________people. 45. A lack of forgivenes is a trait of many unhappy people. True/False. 46. Happy people live for:________________________________ 47. Unhappy people live for:______________________________ 48. You know someone who would benefit from taking this quiz. True/False 49. You learned what as a result of this quiz:_________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 50. You are happy you finished this quiz: True/False SCORING 50 correct answers..........You should be giving the quiz. 45-50 correct answers..........You are happy with most of your life. 40-45 correct answers..........You have it together unless you lied about some of your answers. 35-40 correct answers......... Time to make some change 25-30 correct answers...........You live in fantasy-land most of the time. 25 or less correct answers......oh oh ! Correct Answers: Happiness Quiz Keep in mind that the answers to several of the questions are subjective. In many cases there is no right or wrong answer only - a best or better answer. This quiz is not designed to give you an in-depth explanation for each answer but rather to stimulate your thinking. With this in mind let's take a look at what I believe - are some of the vital issues in the area of happiness. 1. Up to you. 2. Possessions, your address, success, power, fame, good looks, up to other people. 3. You are. 4. Anyone else. 5. True. 6. Inside-out. 7. You fill in the blank. 8. Again you fill in the answer. 9. False. 10. False. 11. False. 12. Your turn. 13. False. 14. False. 15. Your turn. 16. True. 17. True. 18. False. 19. True. 20. The willingness to take the responsibility for their life and happiness. 21. False. 22. True. 23. False. 24. False. 25. Anything. 26. True. 27. Victims. 28. Take responsibility for your happiness. 29. True. 30. True. 31. They get to chose their outcomes, attitudes, happiness. 32. False. 33. True. 34. False. 35. False. 36. A lack of trust, faith. 37. True. 38. True. 39. True. 40. Unhappy person. 41. Complain a lot. 42. Interested in others, listening, concerned. 43. Take responsibility for their station, position, circumstances. 44. Happy. 45. True. 46. The present moment. 47. Yesterday, tomorrow, always. 48. Up to you. 49. Up to you. 50. Up to you. loving intentions Nancy 


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