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Rememberance Day ~ In Memory we Honor

Rememberance Day ~ In Memory we Honor 


This morning my son and I attended a local Remeberance Day Ceremony as a way to show our respect to those amazing men and women who literally died for our Freedom’s of this beautiful, free, loving Country.

When I woke this morning and started my daily practice of meditation I felt a very somber weight of energy around me and I wasn’t clear on why I was feeling so down and out of sorts.

I thought it odd as I was beginning my meditation, wondering if it was related to the fact I’d just flown back from Arizona and perhaps the altitude changes, pressure on the plane, transition from travel, transition in weather patterns or if it just had to do with not getting enough rest I found it odd that I was feeling somewhat down.

As we stood at the grounds where the ceremony was held, under gray skies and on damp cement ground I thought to myself I can’t imagine how cold and tired so many of our soldiers were for so many days and nights as they fought for our freedom in conditions of which we can’t even imagine.

As I noticed that I was feeling the coldness of being outside and from having walked my three dogs in the pouring rain just an hour prior to the point of my clothing being completely soaked, I thought I have nothing to complain about.

So it’s a little cold as I stand here for an hour to pay my respect.

We watched the flags being raised and lowered, we watched as the plane’s flew over head in formation, we prayed, I covered my heart with tears rolling down my cheeks as the bagpipes played Amazing Grace.

As the tears rolled down my cheeks and my heart was pounding with acknowledgement and appreciation I realized why I had woken with such a heavy weight of energy around me this morning. I was feeling the weight of the sadness of so many.

Oh but for the Glory of God, lest we stand here in such reverence for those brave souls who stood in their fear to overcome and protect and serve us.

After we laid our poppies at the Cenotaph we exchanged handshakes and gratitude with a Veternan in his 90′s. As his eyes lite up in response to our appreciation, he said you’re welcome and he said you know most people aren’t grateful. 

He was stunned at how grateful we were for the dedication and service he bestowed upon our nation and it’s people.

I drove away with my son sharing isn’t that something that his experience is that most people are not grateful.

In this moment as you complete reading this short note of acknowledgement for the importance of this day, I would ask that you bow your head in silence, look and feel deep within your heart and say a quiet yet powerful thank you to all of those who went before us so that you may live the freedom, luxury and privilege you currently enjoy. 

If you find youself looking strictly at what  you believe is not working in your life, then I gently nudge you to remind yourself that you are in this moment fully present to read this commentary, you have senses, you have a home, you have friends, you have a family, you have food, you have obviously the internet, you have your heart, you have more than most. A moment of reverence and appreciation for all that is.


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In honor may we show our respect now and always

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