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Total Happiness – A Promise of the Right Premise

Total Happiness – a Promise of the Right Premise

In this journey or voyage of our life, there have been a lot of questions pertaining to total happiness, and yet, many people are still waiting for the answer. Truly, the answer is available and achievable when we are wise to stand firmly on the right premise that provides a promise.

In our surrounding we hear questions such as: “are we waiting for happiness to happen?”, “do we think that happiness is the result of good fortunes or random chance?”, “do we have to pay money to get happiness?”, or “do we have to surmount enough power to achieve happiness?”, “is happiness dependent on external events?”, “are there ways to learn, or steps to be taken, in order to be happy?”, and more, that are similar.

Since the emergence of a simple technology in relations to parchment mass production, and then the progress from copious scriber to an advent of the printing press, we come into reading documents containing information by philosophers, thinkers, orators, and writers then, who have left their life on earth with an unsolved puzzle as evident in the following statements:

1) Happiness has been given by many a top priority in their life,

2) The value of other goals in life is measured to the extend whether these goals bring about happiness as a result,

3) The same activities which is said to be contributory, yet do not bring about equal happiness to the same people involved,

4) Happiness is elusive, difficult to attain, and remain a mind boggling riddle,

5) So just pretend that you are happy, or act as if you are happy,

6) There are so many people who are unhappy, and this add to the statistics of the nationwide unhappiness which is widespread throughout the global societies, and,

7) There is a need to learn how to obtain it, therefore, seek happiness.

Successive communicators from the point of “seek happiness”, up to the present moment begin to accept these statements and agree to continue reiterating that they also cannot understand what happiness is, and proceed to amplify through using various media to disseminate worldwide documented information in the perpetual struggle in the conquest of happiness.

Attempts have been made to even present a complicated circuitous path to wrestle in the hope of arresting this complex state of happiness. The conclusion remains a continuous predicament in pursuit of happiness.

Thus, it is evidently clear that along this lineage of information dissemination, these individuals have not discovered happiness.

In addition, they have not attained it fully as in total happiness, and they have been unable to share with others throughout each generation to the next generation. Indicative as proofs are their advice, urge or challenge using terms such as “seek”, “search”, “pursue”, “quest”, “conquest”, “looking for”, “find”, or similar.

For the purpose of illustration, please ponder the followings: Andy says, “I am searching for a book to read”, while Bobby says, “I benefit from reading this book”, and Cindy says, “I immediately apply the lessons I have learned after reading this book”.

See the difference? Similarly, seeking, pursuing, questing, conquest, or looking for, and other similar terms, is relaying a meaning of not obtaining total happiness as yet. While all these are going on and seemingly shall continue on and on, there is another lineage of information flow beginning with Adam, his children, and proceed to include his descendants right up to the present public communicators.

Especially, they are servants of the God, who are serving their only Lord, and in their perseverance proceed to observe and providing a sincere service by preserving information nearing the truth belonging to the Owner, in relations to total life, total success, and in particular total happiness.

The facts remain as follows:

1) Total Happiness is a gift from the God, to each and every individual since his or her birth on earth, as a birth right, which is to each equally enough, so much so no one has to take it from another, or share it with others.

2) Total happiness in reference here is authentic, real, true, genuine, original, natural, and wholesome.

3) There is no such a term as “unhappy”, or “unhappiness”. This is not and can never be the opposite of total happiness. The actual opposite of total happiness is happiness, or other detrimental emotions. These emotions that are detrimental include anger, annoyance, anxiety, boredom, irritation, rage, fury, resentment, sorrow, grief, frustration, disappointment, dissatisfaction, and what are similar.

4) Total Happiness is an option that is not dependent, yet independent from a subject or an individual; an object or a possession; or a context that includes a condition, a circumstance, an event, a happenstance, and a situation. So, first and foremost each of us shall be totally happy and being in total happiness, and then adding goals, while improving, or enhancing other aspects of life’s fulfillment to the full. Know the purpose, decide, and choose total happiness, first.

5) There is no other door to total happiness, and total happiness is the only door. Similarly there is no other way to total happiness, and total happiness is the only way. There is no other path to total happiness, and total happiness is the only path. There is no other route to total happiness, and total happiness is the only route. Evidently, the door is wide open, the way is direct, the path is clear, and the route is sure to obtain total happiness easily, instantly and immediately. Now and here, simply intent it, or will it, or just be, and you are.

6) Right now and right here, each individual is able to attain, obtain, contain, remain, retain, gain, maintain, and sustain total happiness, and be a totally happy individual at every moment throughout the remainder of his or her life in this world.

Therefore, based on these two lineage of information dissemination, each of us can realize, become aware, and remember consciously the possibilities of total happiness as a promise when we are on the right premise.

For example, if we accept this premise, and then follow a lineage of information dissemination based on the advice, “I cannot read, everyone here cannot read also, therefore no one can ever read, thus seek reading”, then the tendency is to support the authority by continuing the reiteration of “no one can read, and no one can ever read”.

Should you prefer, please consider the right premise, inherent in the lineage of information dissemination based on the facts that although there are those who cannot read, yet there are individuals who can read, and others have an equal chance to read, thus read.

Similarly, you have the opportunity to be totally happy, and a direct way of being in total happiness, thus be totally happy and being in total happiness. This is a promise of the right premise.




with loving intentions





Forgiveness – Healing Your Relationships Means Healing Yourself

Forgiveness – Healing Your Relationships Means Healing Yourself



Though learning to forgive can feel like one of life’s harder lessons, long-lasting bitterness, resentment and hate is extremely damaging, not only to your enjoyment of life, but to your health. Perhaps someone in your family did something you don’t approve of and you now feel anger or bitterness?


With all the talk about forgiveness in the headlines over the past while, it is important to realize that it is possible to overcome your past grudges, resentments and wrongdoings. Though learning to forgive can feel like one of life’s harder lessons, long-lasting bitterness, resentment and hate is extremely damaging, not only to your enjoyment of life, but to your health.


Perhaps someone in your family did something you don’t approve of and you now feel anger or bitterness? Or maybe you were looked over that promotion or a raise and now feel resentment towards your employer? If you have lingering anger, stress or high blood pressure, you may need to forgive that person, or perhaps yourself, to improve your health say an increasing number of social scientists.


Working with a forgiveness program can release the prolonged anger, rage and stress that have been linked to physiological problems, such as high blood pressure, fibremyalgea, some allergies and other psychosomatic illnesses.


Forgiving someone doesn’t mean tolerating or excusing the bad that was done. But the shock or awfulness of what happened needs to resonate only for a while. After that you need to move on from it for your own peace of mind. Forgiveness is an empowering act. Holding on to old pain, anger and resentment, makes life miserable and negative and it keeps you as the victim. But you can choose to let go of it.


Regression hypnotherapy teaches the importance of forgiveness in your life and shows how depleting old anger and pain can be. Good hypnotherapists are able to reprogram (with your permission) your subconscious mind, allowing you to release all of your old pain and hurt. In doing this, you can set yourself free from being the victim and allow yourself to move forward with full self-esteem into a life of harmony and happiness.


Regression hypnotherapy can help people revisit periods of their past where stored anger, resentment and bitterness are buried. “By releasing stored anger the person can moved forward in all aspects of their life. At times forgiveness works when all other methods fail.”


Imagine when you can think about the events in question and feel calm and even indifferent. What a relief! How much more space you’ll have in your mind and life. When you truly forgive and move on you can put the past behind you and get on with life.



Loving intentions Nancy


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Dance with The Divine ~ A Guidance Story ~ by Kathy Eriksen August 2011 Book Review

Dance with The Divine ~ A Guidance Story ~

by Kathy Eriksen August 2011 Book Review


Kathy Erickson Author Dance With The Divine



As an avid reader of both personal and spiritual growth books, my greatest dilemma each week is to choose which book I am going to dive into with great anticipation and longing.

Reading fiction has never been a personal interest of mine.

I read between two to three books a week and currently have three books on the go. Even though I have become a better manager of my time, I still find myself occasionally getting somewhat anxious around the fact that there are limited hours in the day.

The reason for that anxiety is that my quest for knowledge and insight is exuberant. It is bottomless and unlimited.  It is my desire to enhance my life experience through the knowledge, insight and wisdom of so many, that have written such great depths of profound inspirational passages that fuse my heart with spirit and love.

Additionally, I’m very much a tactile person and enjoy the act and experience of reading through the physical actions of turning pages, feeling the weight and texture of a book and also highlighting the most profound lessons as the story unfolds before me.

I’ve been so blessed with an opportunity to read and enjoy immensely my first Kindle book, Dance with the Divine, by Kathryn Eriksen. Not only is this my first Kindle read, it is also my first fictional spiritual book.

As I concluded the pages I had quite honestly a very difficult time focusing on the final chapters due to the tears that had gathered in my eyes, particularly in my left eye.

I eagerly anticipated the conclusion of the book and in combination with trying to read the book quickly to discover the outcome and to blink the tears from my eyes, I found myself turning back the pages to ensure that I hadn’t missed even the slightest morsel of the depth from this moving story.

The basis of the story is a young girl struggling with her parents’ recent announcement of separation and consideration of a divorce.  Life as she knows it is now going to change and change dramatically and it’s not a change that she is willing to accept.  She is not going to go willingly without putting up a pretty good fight to keep things that same as she’s known it for so long.

Not completely understanding the pain of either parent, she quickly decides after conferring with her father, that her mother must be to blame for the failure of her parent’s marriage.  With that judgment her anger and resentment towards her Mother begins to take on a life of its own. The relationship is damaged severely, Haven lashes out at her Mother with pent up frustration and hatred.

An extremely difficult and emotionally taxing situation is now even more compounded with the alienation between Mother and Daughter.

As the story unfolds the daughter, Haven Hartt, experiences some of the most profound moments of her life. The moments inspire, encourage and shape Haven’s reconnection with her Mother.

Dance with The Divine is a fictional story of Guidance that shares so profoundly the greatest gifts that are available for each and every one of us to receive, when we open ourselves up to surrendering our story about our inadequacies and allow for a greater connection with our higher consciousness – that of God. Letting and allowing God to enter our lives and allowing ourselves the beauty, grace, and joy of a Dance with the Divine.

Reading this book spoke to and touched my heart so genuinely. It reminded me as I continue along on my own spiritual awakening and discovery to the opportunity and power of creation daily in my own life, that staying attached to our stories is self inflicted emotional pain that is always a choice that we make to keep ourselves playing small in life.

God is not only our Divine Guidance, but he is also a reflection of ourselves.  This book reminds us that we are Conscious Co-Creators in all that we do. God is also our connection to free will. Free will is that by which we choose how to orchestrate, illustrate and design our lives. Isn’t it nice to know that through free will we can choose to Dance with the Divine at any time.

I highly recommend this book to warm your heart, touch your spirit, and nourish your soul. It was truly one of the most lovingly insightful gently written books I’ve had the great pleasure to read.


Treat yourself and purchase a copy today ($2.99)  ~ Dance with The Divine by Kathy Erickson


Kathryn E Ericksen is a licensed attorney who practiced law for 23 years before discovering her love of writing and teaching. Entirely self –taught, she shares her insight, humor and wisdom in both a spiritual and Christian context. Dance with the Divine is her first e-book published on Kindle. Walk With the Master is a Christian story about spiritual lessons learned at the foot of Jesus. Love, forgiveness, and guidance from God connect her books and her readers.


With loving intentions,

Nancy Battye


~ Offering enlightenment through compassion and kindness


Forgiveness Surrender the Past Empower the Future

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The 3 Enemies Of Inner Peace

The 3 Enemies Of Inner Peace

Although it’s quite hard to define what inner peace really is, we all know what it feels like because we’ve all had times in our life when we experienced it. For many inner peace is nothing but fleeting moments of bliss that is more often than not something that they cannot really hold on to. One of the main benefits of living a more spiritual life is to cultivate a greater sense of inner peace in your life.

Inner peace is a deep inner sense of ease – a sense of inner comfort and stillness that is both joyful and calming. Inner peace will free you from many of the demands and expectations that drive most people over the edge. By living your life with a greater sense of self awareness you can start to cultivate a sense of inner peace and live life with a greater sense of clarity and perspective.

Living your life with a sense of inner peace is not so much a conscious pursuit as it is the result of living your life in a certain way. It’s not so much in what you do as it is what you don’t do. Your nature – your own spiritual essence (your soul) comes from a place of peace and it’s ultimate pursuit is to be at peace. The challenge that we are all faced with is that our everyday lives tend to distract us from a sense of inner peace. There are 3 culprits in particular, that causes most people to disconnect themselves from this sense of inner peace.

The Ego

Your ego is that part of you that’s like a veil to your spirit. It’s the external facade that we all wear in order to operate in this world. Your ego constantly reminds you about your separateness and how you have to proof yourself by being better than, faster than or stronger than everybody else. Your ego is the source of most of the conflicts in your life. These can be conflicts with other people and even with yourself because the ego is fixated on being the most important person.

Having a sense of inner peace allows you to be in harmony with everyone and everything. The effect of inner peace is a sense of unity and you start to see both your environment and your fellow human beings as being connected to you in some invisible way.

Although you cannot rid yourself of your ego, you can go along way in subduing the ego and focusing on living from your higher self instead trying to satisfy your ego and all the millions of demands it places on you every day.

Living In The Future

So many people waste away their precious time living their lives in a time other than now. Wallowing in the past serves no purpose and no matter what you do you cannot change that which is over. Worrying about what might happen in the future will only cause you to feel an inner sense of turmoil. Worry tends to consume your entire mind, removing you from feeling at peace.

One of the key spiritual realizations is to understand that the only ‘time’ you really have is now. Where your thoughts are now is where you are. If you think that one day when you have enough money or when the right person comes along or when you are fit and healthy THEN you will be happy – think again! Divert your thoughts and your energy to the present moment instead and give up everything that’s over and done with and let go of everything that might be.

Spiritual Ignorance

There is an aspect to each and everyone of us that is invisible, yet very real. This higher self, your spirit is who you really are. You will continue to feel unfulfilled in life until you recognize and nurture the seeds of divinity deep within you.

It is this spiritual part of you that seeks to be at peace. When you recognize and nurture your own divinity you can start to listen more to your Self and less to the demands and expectations of the world. Knowing what brings you a sense of inner peace is the essence of living a more peaceful life.

By becoming more aware of these three ‘enemies’ of inner peace you can start to make a more conscious effort to stay connected with your own spirituality and live a more blissful life. An inner sense of quiet and tranquility is a very important part of being happy in your Self. Make it your goal in life not to achieve or have more, but instead to be at peace and reorganize your priorities to create an environment within yourself where your spirit can thrive.


with kindest of intentions





Offering enlightenment through compassion and kindness


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Compassion The Essential Element of Happiness

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20 Reasons Why You Need Inner Peace and Tranquility

20 Reasons Why You Need Inner Peace and Tranquility

Inner peace is not reserved only to yogis, hermits or monks, sitting alone in a far off place, praying or meditating all day long. It can also be attained by people living an ordinary life, who have a job, married and with children.

Inner peace is a state of being emotionally and mentally at peace and strong in the face of discord or stress. It is the opposite of being stressed or anxious.

True inner peace, confers tranquility, inner harmony and inner balance, and is an inner condition, which is independent of external conditions and circumstances. It can be acquired through proper training, resulting in the ability to remain calm, undisturbed and unhurried in difficult and unpleasant situations.

When there is inner peace there are no anxieties and fears, no negative thoughts or negative expectations, no stress and no lack of satisfaction and happiness. It is a state of emotional and mental poise, happiness, confidence and inner strength.

Though almost everyone desires inner peace, albeit unconsciously, few realize its importance and benefits, and very few realize that it is a skill that can be learned and developed. You can stay where you are, without making external changes in your life, and yet attain inner peace. Some might go faster and others might progress at a slower pace. Some might reach high and others not so high, but any amount of inner peace and tranquility gained is a great achievement that can transform one’s life.

There are many reasons why you need to gain at least some measure of inner peace. Here are 20 reasons to consider:

1. Inner peace improves your ability to concentrate.
2. It improves the ability to handle efficiently the daily affairs of life.
3. It increases your inner strength and power.
4. Inner peace eliminates impatience, anger, nervousness and restlessness.
5. Inner peace develops patience, tolerance and tact.
6. It makes you feel centered, grounded, and stable.
7. Being mentally and emotionally calm contributes to improved sleep.
8. You gain the ability to be emotionally and mentally unaffected by what people think or say about you.
9. It eliminates stress, anxieties and worries.
10. Inner peace brings inner happiness and bliss.
11. It increases self mastery and self discipline.
12. It relaxes the body and nerves.
13. The healing energies of the body work unhindered.
14. Being peaceful enables you not to be swayed by events, hardships and difficulties, and to maintain inner poise, clear judgement and common sense in such situations.
15. Inner peace eliminates negative, futile and restless thinking.
16. It improves your relationships with other people.
17. It makes life look brighter.
18. It increases creativity.
19. It makes it easier to meditate.
20. It is the gateway to enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

True inner peace is important not only while things move smoothly, but especially in times of trouble, difficulties or danger. Then it counts most.

Inner peace ultimately brings peace into your life, your affairs and your relationships, and to the world around you.

Remez Sasson teaches and writes on positive thinking, creative visualization, motivation, self-improvement, peace of mind, spiritual growth and meditation. He is the author of several books, among which are “Peace of mind in Daily Life”, “Will Power and Self Discipline”, “Visualize and Achieve” and “Affirmations – Words of Power”.


Practical and Useful Steps to Gain Inner Peace

Practical and Useful Steps to Gain Inner Peace


We all crave inner peace, but how do we reach it? Will it take years of intense meditation practice to reach inner peace? Will you need to spend hours in weekly yoga classes? Will you need to climb to the top of a Himalayan mountain and seek the counsel of an old wise man to share the ancient secret to inner peace?

While your path to expanding inner peace may or may not include meditation, yoga, or spiritual wise men, it will be a unique journey.


Discovering inner peace often leads us down a twisty, curvy road. However, if you are ready to step onto that pathway and have greater inner peace, continue reading and discover practical and useful steps that you need to know to get started.


Definition of What Inner Peace Is Not

Let’s begin by gaining a deeper understanding of what inner peace is not. Being able to rule out some false ideas of inner peace may just save you years of frustration. First, inner peace does not mean that you walk around thinking only “positive” thoughts.


The mind simply doesn’t work that way, and besides, it is almost impossible to try to control what your mind

thinks. In addition, inner peace is not an evened out emotional state where there are no highs or lows.


Inner peace does not show up when everything about your self, life, or the world is perfect. You probably already know that inner peace is not found in food, overeating, or finding some way to escape from your stress or emotions. What you might not realize is that inner peace is also not found at the end of your weight loss goal, or for that matter at the end of any goal.


If you do not experience inner peace with a particular aspect of your current life – whether it be with your body, occupation, partner, home, etc. – you will not gain inner peace by merely losing weight, changing your job or partner, or moving. For example, if you do not cultivate love for you body and life now, it will not suddenly appear when you are thin.

A person outside of you does not award inner peace to you because you worked hard enough, attained your goal, achieved the perfect body, or because you have been a “good” boy or girl. In other words, inner peace is not something you can earn.


Definition of What Inner Peace Is


So what is inner peace?


Inner peace refers to a state of having enough knowledge to stand strong even in the face of stressful or undesirable life situations. It is an ability to breathe deeply, find center, and regain an internal sense of calm or fortitude during all of life’s experiences.


It is the ability to handle situations and conflicts, in life and in ourselves, with acceptance, empathy, and creativity.


Sometimes, inner peace is defined as having a calmness and general freedom from anxiety. However, perhaps more importantly, rather than seeking the absence of negative thoughts, stress, or emotions, inner peace is your ability to accept those thoughts, worry, and feelings when they occur. Then instead of getting stuck in them being able to move beyond them.


Inner peace grows as you remind yourself that you have the capacity to deal with your challenges. You may not know exactly how or when you will reach a desirable outcome to your situation, but you have an inner peace knowing that you will persevere and achieve success.


For example, instead of stressing or worrying and then using overeating to calm or avoid dealing with an unpleasant situation or emotions, you would know how to tap into your inner peace and find creative solutions to your problems. Inner peace is your ability to slide back into your own genuine optimism and faith in life and yourself, and to deal with anxiety, stress, or emotions when they occur.

How Do You Gain Inner Peace?


How do you gain inner peace? Attaining inner peace is a ongoing process that evolves, grows, and expands as you place your attention on it. It is an ever-expanding realization that you are safe in the world, that you have the power to create change in your world, and that you are connected to love itself.


This inner peace does not happen overnight. It happens gradually throughout your lifetime. First, you deliberately and consciously choose having greater inner peace as your objective, and then you decide to take small daily actions that support your having what you want.


A great working definition of inner peace would be, “I am glad to be alive!”


This definition points to the importance and joy of your own life. It is a feeling of wanting to be here on Earth – even through the sad times and the bad times. If you look at your own life right now, you can quickly see where you are in terms of feeling, “It’s great to be me, it’s great to be alive!” Maybe you are way up high on the scale, loving yourself and loving life.


Then again, maybe you are way down the scale, depressed, not seeing much point to your life, or even contemplating suicide.


However much or little inner peace you currently have . . . there is more. However, having more requires that you decide that you want to be alive and you want to experience inner peace while you are alive. Making this conscious decision immediately puts you on the path to attaining your desire.


Once you are on your path, begin to notice what comes your way. Notice if you want to spend more time outdoors, or if you are led to reading a certain book. Notice if you are drawn to a certain deep breathing class, if you are tired of talking negatively to yourself, or if you feel a need to fill your life with more plants, living food, or animals.


Amazingly, your path to ever expanding inner peace involves something as simple making a decision to have inner peace, then listening to your inner suggestions and following through on your inner nudges.


Do this deliberately, everyday, and you will begin to notice the changes that occur within you. Choose inner peace and choose the actions that support inner peace…and watch yourself awakening to a new sense of, “It is good to be alive!”


The Passion Test Janet Attwood Chris Attwood


What is The Passion Test?
Have you ever noticed how some people seem to be successful, happy and living their life purpose; yet others seem to be stuck in a rut, going though life unhappy, unfulfilled and in a job they don’t like? That’s why we created The Passion Test – it’s a systematic process for helping you discover your life purpose and create a life that you love.

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