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You’re invited to join me in a Free Audio Class with my friend Doreen Fulton.

You’re invited to join me in a Free Audio Class with my friend Doreen Fulton.



I’ll be sharing my story entitled “Forgiveness the Path to Emotional Freedom and Greater Inner Peace” to give you hope and inspiration as you seek to make a difference in the lives of our youth.  I’m being interviewed by Doreen, a truly extraordinary woman who is doing amazing work with Moms and Educators like YOU who are often overworked, overwhelmed and underappreciated!

My audio class is part of the Finally, an IEP for Mom Experience and is being featured this week, so please make sure to Claim your Free Pass and listen to my story along with stories of 4 other awesome guides who will serve to give you hope when you’re at the end of your rope!

Doreen has added a Special Bonus Interview for the first week of December that will give you options as you seek to find remedies for stress, depression, anxiety and panic that often crop up during the Holidays. You won’t want to miss her interview with Shelley McQuerter, owner and director of Learn Homeopathy Now. Shelly has inspired countless parents and healing professionals with her passion for Homeopathy. Shelley will be sharing her special list of “Mom’s Must Have Homeopathic Remedies” knowing that you will want to be at your best throughout the season and the year ahead.

As a human resource professional and certified Dream Coach® with a Master’s Degree in Education-Counseling, Doreen had helped countless young people to move in the direction of their dreams, to get scholarships, to find satisfying careers and to embrace their strengths and innate talents while actively supporting their peers in the transition process. She decided to use these skills to help her own children and others like them who struggled with academics. She customized the proven transition process and developed the Finally, an IEP for Mom Experience!

This signature program is designed to help you develop your own Individualized Empowerment Plan. It addresses your worries and concerns, your fears and trepidation and gives you the support you need to keep going forward. Doreen takes you by the hand and helps you to find your passion and purpose once again. When you are in action, doing what you love, you inspire those around you and become the role model you want to be.

Knowing that dreams work best when shared, Doreen called on me to join her in this outreach activity. She wanted to interview me, knowing that I had a story to tell that would serve to inspire Moms and Educators out there to dream big, to persevere and to be compassionate with themselves and those around them. Doreen and I will discuss what you can do to confront the myriad of responsibilities you face as a parent and educator.

Benefits of the call:
1. You will realize that you are not alone;
2. You are surrounded by other Moms and Mentors who know what you are going through;
3. You will be given an opportunity to continue your work with me, with Doreen and other trusted mentors who will encourage you to acknowledge your abilities, to affirm your values, and to validate your goals, while pursuing your heart-felt dreams.

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